Watermark Collections Coordinator (Contract through Sept.)

LOCATION: toronto, Ontario

Do you love to interview people? Are you interested in their stories and experiences? Do you love to capture true stories with words and images and then share them to create positive social change?

At Swim Drink Fish Canada, we believe that water and the environment shape people’s lives. The Watermark Project is an effort to record people’s experience on the water so that we can better understand - and protect - our communities.

We are looking for a caring, motivated, and personable Watermark Coordinator to join our team. Your primary responsibilities will be creating high quality collections of true stories from people with special knowledge of the Great Lakes and encouraging Ontario residents to submit their own Watermark stories for a forthcoming Great Lakes Guide platform. You will also share your knowledge and expertise with other Watermark story collectors.

If you are fascinated by people’s stories, have a passion for water and environmental causes, and love to tell stories through word and image, then we want to hear from you!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Growing the Watermark archive by interviewing people and creating Watermark stories

  • Commissioning more video Watermark stories from specific people

  • Helping to create a content strategy that ensures the Watermark archive reflects the wealth and diversity of people’s experience with water in the Great Lakes Region

  • Helping with upgrades to the current Watermark submission tool and internal workflow, with a goal to automate part of the process to help the project scale once Great Lakes Guide launches

  • Editing filmed Watermarks to prepare them for the web

  • Reviewing and augmenting the current Watermark archive data to prepare it for inclusion in Great Lakes Guide (e.g., find highlights or quotations, update tags)

  • Working with our user engagement specialist to ensure Watermark stories inspire people to become stewards of water

  • Managing Watermark Project’s social media presence

  • Providing technical support or assistance to other Watermark collectors

Mandatory Experience/Qualifications:

Applicants selected for an interview will demonstrate these qualities:

  • An interest in journalism, documentary, or a similar true-life storytelling field

  • Excellent writing ability

  • The ability to “find the story” in someone’s experience

  • A desire to meet new people and engage with them online and offline

  • A shared interest in the connection between the health of our waters and health of our communities

  • A belief in the inherent value of documenting diverse voices and experiences

  • Excellent research and fact-checking abilities, to ensure the accuracy of information included in Watermark stories

Applicants who do not have the mandatory qualifications will not be contacted for an interview.

Other Desirable Skills and Experience:

Please let us know below if you have:

  • Knowledge of Salesforce

  • Familiarity with the names / locations of Great Lakes and Canadian waterbodies and major watersheds

  • A valid driver’s license and the ability to travel throughout the Great Lakes Region

Contract Terms:

  • Contract: Full-time contract through to September 30th, 2018 with possibility of contract extension.
  • Start Date: Available immediately
  • Location: Our office is located in downtown Toronto. Some remote work may be possible.

About Swim Drink Fish Canada:

Swim Drink Fish Canada was founded in 2001 to connect people with water. We inspire people to know and safeguard their local waters by creating platforms based on law, science, education and communications technology. Our flagship programs serve nearly 2-million users.

The Great Lakes Guide is an upcoming web platform that will help to foster cross-cultural understanding of the Great Lakes and to bring together Great Lakes information and knowledge.

The Watermark Project is a community effort to collect and archive true stories about the ways Canadians interact with water. A Watermark, whether written or oral, describes a memory of a particular time spent near water or describes the way a body of water has shaped a person’s life.

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