James Verbicky


Mixed media collage and resin on wood

30” x 30”

Donated by the artist courtesy Jennifer Kostuik Gallery



About the Artist

While exhibiting in Paris in 2008, painter James Verbicky began gathering ephemera from vendors set up along the Seine, experiencing a pivotal turning point in his artistic practice. His mixed media obsession began, and the artist committed to scouring vintage magazines, graphics and obsolete branding materials to create intricate and eye-catching painting designs. In his newest series, Monetaire, featured in this year’s Gala, Verbicky collages rare currencies, some bills 80-100 years old, creating a visual display of color and composition sealed in archival resin.

Verbicky’s work has been featured in exhibitions internationally, including the Louvre with the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, London, Mexico City, Beirut, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Bangkok. Notable public and private collections include the San Diego Museum of Fine Art and the Tisch family in New York. His philanthropic history includes Sotheby’s New York WaterKeeper Alliance twice, and he is pleased to be a part of the Canadian chapter. The Edmonton-born and Vancouver-raised artist resides in Southern California and is represented by Jennifer Kostuik in Vancouver.