James Prosek


Swim Drink Fish Gala guests contributing $5,000+ during the donation drive will receive a framed James Prosek print (either American Eel or Trout).

The trout is synonymous with Canada’s picturesque angling experience. With habitat ranging from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans, this fish is a crucial indicator species for swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.

Aquatic restoration projects often focus on trout habitat. When trout thrive, our water bodies thrive.  In Halton Hills, west of Toronto, a Swim Drink Fish project restored brook trout habitat on a Credit River tributary called Second Creek. Returning Second Creek to its naturally wild state brought the surrounding ecosystem back to life.   

To build awareness of the trout’s importance, Swim Drink Fish is pleased to introduce a print by James Prosek: Trout. Prosek is an American artist best known for his watercolours of trout and eel, and often featured in publications promoting endangered species awareness. His book Trout: An Illustrated History captures the dazzling beauty of this fish with more than seventy original watercolours.

The Swim Drink Fish movement relies on indicator species like trout. Restoring trout habitat brings a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future closer. James Prosek truly captured our imaginations and inspired us to do more for this iconic fish.