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Great Lakes Guide Project Lead

Swim Drink Fish Canada is looking for a full-time project lead to oversee the development and launch of a new web project dedicated to promoting and protecting the Great Lakes. The project lead reports directly to the Vice President. The position is open as of October 1, 2017.

The ideal project lead is someone who has a deep passion for the history, ecology, and unique economic potential of the Great Lakes region in addition to practical project management and coordination skills. In addition to project management responsibilities, the lead  will have a unique opportunity to help the platform develop a powerful and consistent voice. Please see Project Background below for more details.

Key Responsibilities

Project Management

  • Oversee day-to-day project activities and ensure that project milestones are reached on schedule
  • Manage project staff and contractors
  • Manage project budget and financial reporting (with guidance from Swim Drink Fish Canada’s finance team)
  • Prepare progress reports for senior management, executives, the Steering Committee, and funders
  • Ensuring that the project and the Guide comply with relevant provincial and other laws and guidelines
  • Work with executives to develop a funding model that will sustain the project long-term

Communications Planning and Coordination

  • Monitor and report on project impact and social outcomes
  • Provide logistical and communications support for Swim Drink Fish Canada executives and other spokespeople
  • Work with the Vice President to develop the Great Lakes Guide “voice” and ensure consistency of tone across the platform
  • Develop policies for Great Lakes Guide users and user-generated content (e.g., forum moderation guidelines, consent to share UGC, and and ethical and culturally-appropriate guidelines or protocols for the collection, archiving, sharing, and featuring of Indigenous knowledge)
  • Provide communications support or assistance to spokespeople, partners, and Steering Committee members as needed.

Mandatory Qualifications

Applications will only be considered from candidates who have all of the following qualifications:

  1. Demonstrated project management experience. This includes the ability to break projects down into milestones and tasks, monitor and report on progress, communicate effectively with the project team, and oversee a small group of approximately five staff and contractors. There is no minimum number of years experience or academic qualifications, rather we are looking for someone with hands-on experience on one or more successful projects of comparable size.
  2. A passion for the Great Lakes region and a strong interest in diverse voices, perspectives, and knowledge of the region. The project manager needs to get to know people and organizations in the region, identify voices that aren’t being heard, and build a network of people who support the project. This requires someone who can dive into the culture and history of the region and identify opportunities and information that will be appealing to users.
  3. Some technical experience. You will work with our senior technical advisor to provide direction to the design team, but the project lead should have enough of a web/ design/ communications/ or similar background to be able to facilitate meetings with the team, understand issues and challenges that may arise, develop user policies for the platform, identify new data sharing and partner opportunities, and ensure quality and accuracy of the information that is presented on the site.

How to Apply

The first step is to send us an email indicating your interest in the position. Tell us a bit about yourself and previous work experience. Provide specific examples of how you satisfy the three qualification requirements above. Feel free to be informal or casual - this is your chance to introduce yourself to us.

Candidates who convey proven project management experience, a passion for the topic, and some technical knowledge in their email messages will be contacted for an interview. A CV is not required at this stage. Emails will be reviewed as they arrive.

Send your email to or use the form below. Include the subject “Great Lakes Guide Project Lead”.


Great Lakes Guide Project Information

The Great Lakes are depended upon for drinking water, power generation, food production, manufacturing, tourism, and much more. The Great Lakes region is home to many Ontarians and yet there is a lack of public awareness and appreciation for the Great Lakes. A “virtual space” is needed to foster cross-cultural understanding of the Great Lakes and to bring together Great Lakes information and knowledge including science, Indigenous knowledge, economy, agriculture, arts, culture, recreation, and tourism.

The Great Lakes Guide will bring together digital content and data that connects Ontarians to the Great Lakes and highlights the ecological, cultural, and economic significance of the region. In doing so, the Great Lakes Guide will help to inspire and instigate environmental stewardship, restoration and collaboration to protect the Great Lakes. Version 1 of the Guide will launch February/ March of 2018. Within the first three years, the Great Lakes Guide is expected to reach every Ontario household.

This multi-year project was conceived of by Ontario’s Great Lakes Guardians Council and will receive seed funding from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. It will be built and operated by Swim Drink Fish Canada, the organization behind Swim Guide (the web’s most comprehensive beach information service) and Watermark Project (a growing archive of personal stories about Canadian waters).  

About Swim Drink Fish Canada

Swim Drink Fish Canada was founded in 2001 to connect people with water. We inspire people to know and safeguard their local waters by creating platforms based on law, science, education and communications technology. Our flagship programs are Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Swim Guide, and Watermark Project. They serve 1.8-million users.


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Tell us a bit about yourself and previous work experience. Provide specific examples of how you satisfy the three qualification requirements above. Feel free to be informal or casual - this is your chance to introduce yourself to us.