Job Opportunity

Project Coordinator, Great Lakes Communities Monitoring Initiative

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Downtown Toronto
Start Date: Immediately


Swim Drink Fish is looking for a Project Coordinator to help manage a water quality monitoring program in the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes Communities Recreational Waters Monitoring Initiative is a four-year demonstration project to engage underserved communities in water quality monitoring, data-sharing, and stewardship.

The ideal Project Coordinator will have project management experience and familiarity with recreational water quality monitoring protocols. The Project Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day aspects of the project, including monitoring and reporting on project finances, performance monitoring, impact reporting, and handling human resources coordination (e.g., summer staff recruitment). Travel will be part of this position.

This is a full time position, from Spring 2019 to March 2022.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Project Management:

    • Ensure the program milestones and deliverables are on track.

    • Manage project budget.

    • Coordinate with funders to produce activity and financial reports.

    • Work with the Swim Guide Program Manager to identify 3 new hub locations for 2020-2021.

    • Work with Swim Drink Fish management to develop a funding model that can sustain community monitoring hubs in the long-term.

  • Water Quality Monitoring Oversight:

    • Ensure all Swim Drink Fish monitoring hubs follow standard operating procedures and are using appropriate curriculum and field materials.

    • Assist new hubs with Environmental Health and Safety Surveys.

    • Provide support to hub coordinators to execute community-based water quality monitoring programs in the six hub locations, as needed.

    • Oversee record-keeping, data-entry, and all paperwork associated with the operation of water quality monitoring activities

    • Oversee data collection, analysis, and data sharing on Swim Guide, in coordination with the Swim Guide team (

  • Team Coordination:

    • Organize program staff (contractors and in-house staff) and hub coordinators in the monitoring program.

    • Assist in the recruiting of hub coordinators and seasonal staff.

    • Develop and oversee a consistent approach to volunteer recruitment and management for the project, in coordination with the Communications Coordinator and hub coordinators.

    • Ensure hub staff conduct monitoring, community engagement, education, and year-end reporting activities as expected.

  • Communications:

    • Compile a report with sample results, volunteer engagement, field reports, and Environmental Health and Safety survey annually.

    • Oversee and support the Communications Coordinator’s work on via social media, the Swim Guide platform, print, other Swim Drink Fish platforms.

Mandatory Qualifications

  • Suitable candidates may hold a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field, including environmental science, public health, and water science. Comparable qualifications or work experience will be given equal consideration.  

  • Candidates will have project management experience (3 years is desired). The candidate with a strong background in Great Lakes water quality and/or recreational water quality monitoring are desirable.

  • Half of the community monitoring hubs will be located in First Nations communities. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated knowledge of Indigenous culture and identity, and demonstrated experience working with/in Indigenous communities is preferred.

  • The candidate must have strong problem-solving, written and oral communication skills including proven proficiency in writing and proofreading.

  • Additionally, candidates must hold a valid driver’s license, be available to work flexible hours including evening and weekend community engagement activities.  The candidate must be willing and able to travel to hub sites as part of this position.  

How to Apply

Email the following information to with the subject “GLCMI: Project Coordinator - Your Name”

  1. A letter that describes why you would make a the ideal program lead. Ensure you refer to the desired qualifications section.

  2. Your resumé, including a list of management roles/projects and/or links to your portfolio.

  3. Names and contact information for two references.

Candidates with the required qualifications will be contacted.

Swim Drink Fish Canada is committed to having a skilled, diversified workforce reflective of the Toronto community, and to the equitable representation of women, Indigenous peoples, and members of a visible minority group. 

about the program

The Great Lakes Communities Recreational Waters Monitoring Initiative is a four-year demonstration project to engage underserved communities in water quality monitoring, data-sharing, and stewardship. The purposes of the Initiative are (i) to invent a scalable, sustainable model for ongoing water quality monitoring that addresses both western science and traditional knowledge needs; (ii) to hone best practices for communicating water quality results to the community quickly and reliably; and, (iii) to identify the communications technology infrastructure required to sustain these activities across the Great Lakes region, including in First Nations communities. In so doing, we can help to ensure that all Great Lakes waters are protected for generations to come and that waterborne illnesses become a thing of the past.

The Initiative will establish and support recreational water quality monitoring programs in 6 pilot communities, including 3 First Nations communities. Here’s how it works:

The Initiative will develop a recreational water quality monitoring program that can be implemented in any community (north, south, urban, rural, Indigenous, etc.). The Initiative will launch water quality monitoring programs where existing monitoring programs do not meet community needs. Pilot communities’ work will identify and document the needs for a suite of web-based tools and data-sharing systems that Swim Drink Fish will build to empower more Great Lakes communities to monitor, enjoy, and protect their waters than ever before.